This green and pleasant land …

I’ve always loved foliage but generally brides like some flowers along with their greens. But with the amazing textures and colours that are available – sword like ferns, fragrant silvery-blue eucalyptus, the bright fresh green of new birch leaves in spring, dark glossy leaves of berried ivy… it is all so wonderful and absolutely intrinsic to most floral displays

Pantone have recently announced that ‘Greenery’ is the colour for 2017 so although I don’t think it is right to follow a trend unless you like it to start with, I thought I’d take a look at what there is to offer

sinclair and andy wedding shot by claire graham

With this wedding for Maids to Measure founder Sinclair Sellars down in Portsmouth, we dressed the marquee ceiling with olive and eucalyptus foliage and used herbs and bulbs in pots along the tables

sinclair and andy wedding shot by claire graham

Photography Claire Graham

boutique bridal shoot flowers by bluesky flowers by claire graham

Now I know this bouquet has a few flowers in but it is primarily green, a mix of jasmine, pistache, eucalyptus and salal, making a fragrant and oh so pretty backdrop for the dahlias and roses

We also used ferns and interesting palm leaves on the tables and for place settings …and the odd gold pineapple of course

boutique bridal shoot flowers by bluesky flowers by claire graham


Shot at The Boutique Bridal Cooperative by Claire Graham

foliage shoot by blue sky flowers shot by fiona kelly

This foliage runner was created for a styled shoot (shot by Fiona Kelly and styled by Andri Benson) at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington – a fabulous place to get married btw – and comprised a mix of eucalyptus, grasses, ferns (some sprayed copper), eryngium thistles and a little wax flower with just a few majolica spray roses … but it is just as awesome as a fully flower laden version at a fraction of the cost with no less drama

foliage shoot by blue sky flowers shot by fiona kelly

foliage shoot by blue sky flowers shot by fiona kelly

We teamed the foliage with copper detailing in the form of wire place mats, individual  copper iced cakes and this wild bouquet  featuring broom, copper sprayed fern, majolica and vendella roses and pure white hydrangea and pheasant feathers of course!

rose and broom bouquet by blue sky flowers shot by fiona kelly

This next bouquet shows just how beautiful foliage can be on its own… a mix of eucalyptus, olive and viburnum opulus creates an airy, fragrant armfulfoliage bouquet by blue sky flowers shot by claire graham

Shot by Maxeen Kim

So don’t worry if you aren’t a big fan of ‘flowers’ as such since we can create a whole load of loveliness with foliage alone … x

The Magic Beans!

Well this is what they are known as! Finally I am able to share with you some beautiful photos by the fabulous Anna Hardy from a gorgeous wedding we did last September – I may run out of superlatives at this rate!! I met the lovely Katie through another bride from a few years before and knew from Day One that this wedding was going to be a winner

Katie had very strong ideas about what she wanted but we did manage to include everything from the romantic personal flowers that would be teamed with her STUNNING Vera Wang, yes, Vera Wang dress to the meadowy, light and oh-so-pretty mix of bright summery flowers in the permanent marquee set up at Westwood Park in Essex

At our flower market visit just before the wedding date, Katie fell in love with just about every flower we looked and I almost had to tear her away from some!

But we finally decided on a palette of palest pink and ivory for the church flowers and bouquets using large overblown Hydrangea and pink blushed Snowberries for the bridesmaids with the addition of Sweet Avalanche Roses for Katie herself

The church was so pretty it hardly needed any flowers at all but we added just a touch of extra-pretty with a light Gyp garland and some white Hydrangea and Roses around the entrance arch and delicate Gyp pew ends tied with ribbons  

We were blessed with an amazing sunny day which brought to life the bright mix of flowers on the tables in the marquee – Sunflowers (Katie’s favourite), Roseberry Roses, Blue Bee Delphinium, Astrantia, pale pink Freesia, Sedum, Alchemilla Mollis and a variety of fragrant herbs


Finally a mix of low and tall displays broke up the view across the tables, although the tall vases gave us a little challenge with the wind coming through the very necessary open side of the marquee!

We loved this wedding and are delighted to have come to know such a lovely couple and wish them un matrimonio felice x


Spring is here … somewhere!

Its that time of year when we start thinking of summer holidays, long evenings sipping wine out in the garden and lazy days off work. Well we would be doing that if the weather wasn’t so damn cold all the time!

Thank goodness wedding season has started as this will keep us good and warm as we rush around to all our Brides and Grooms, visiting old venues and checking out new ones, working on proposals and gathering up photographs from weddings that we’ve completed

It is this area that I’ve been rather remiss on recently. We were so busy at the end of last year and going into early 2013 that there was just no time to update the website with wedding photos from both recent and old weddings

So for now I’m going to add a few just to keep you interested and PROMISE that I will get this whole shebang website thingey up to date as soon as possible, pretty promise!

Okay that’s all for now folks! I’ll add some detail to each shot very soon along with information on each wedding. We have a very busy year ahead so plan to have a lot more to show over the coming months …

A BIG group thanks to any photographers who have shots included in this little round up – don’t worry I will be doing a proper link to their sites in due course so you can check them out