For 2011 brides2b, the search is on . . .

The wedding shows are upon us and there is a real sense of anticipation in the air – THE weddings are coming! With the lst Royal Wedding in April and the second in July, all brides getting married this year, will be keen to perhaps make even more of an effort with the planning, styling and overall look of their wedding.

To share a wedding year with your future King and Queen and be able to look back with fond memories on that special year, is pretty awesome. There is still great speculation over the royal dress designer, florist (although those in the trade all have an inkling who it may be!), photographer, etc, and Kate won’t be alone in wanting to make sure she has the best suppliers for her

There are a host of really good wedding directories and supplier lists out there as well as many truly informative and inspirational wedding magazines from which you can glean all kinds of information. But perhaps the best way of finding a supplier is good old word of mouth.  Whether this is from a friend who has recently been married, a supplier you already have booked, even Twitter is a good way to exchange initial ideas or perhaps from your venue if they have preferred suppliers to offer you, all recommendations should be welcomed and reviewed in the cold light of day

But it is important to find the RIGHT supplier for YOUR wedding – photographers tend to have a style that your friend may have wanted and loved but is it right for you? There are thousands of dresses (and yes, you’ve probably feel you’ve tried most of them on!) but there is only ONE that is PERFECT