Calling all romantics!

Undoubtedly, it has once again come round to that most romantic time of the year. Men and women all over the world are agonising over what to do – should they buck the trend and buy something meaningful and unique, weather the storm of red heart infested shops all along the high street to find that one special thing that will be your undying testament to love!

Well, while you’re considering that challenge why not order a beautiful bouquet of red roses to be delivered to the love of your life – yes, it may be cheesy; no, it may not be unique – but I wouldn’t believe a woman who said ‘don’t buy me flowers’

And  increasingly, I find more women are sending flowers so it isn’t even one sided. Who doesn’t want to be embarrassed in their office by a delivery of stunning pure red roses and such a visual declaration of intent!

For those who insist on being different, why not send a bouquet of pure white roses?  After all, a white rose does mean ‘secret admirer’ and what else is Valentine’s Day about than love and mystery

Make your choice, then you can email or call to place your order and discuss your message. Payment is easy via PayPal

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