Get me to the church – or local restaurant – on time!

I started out this year thinking that it would be a little quieter than both 2010 and the year before, but so far that hasn’t happened. What I have noticed is that some couples are deciding to get married quite late in the day – not at 5pm, but at very short notice

I’m not sure whether this is down to spur of the moment proposals that can’t wait for the usual planning and list making, or that couples are just taking advantage of last minute good deals at venues. I’ve certainly heard from several venues that they too are getting last minute enquiries followed by bookings sometimes at just one month’s notice

This can be a risky option, unless like those who turn up at the airport with a bag of clothes to suit all weathers and take the first plane going west, you just enjoy the fun of the unknown. It may be a good way to save money on venue hire but will these couples really be able to have the wedding of their dreams. Perhaps that isn’t so important – it will be interesting to see how this continues through the year. Watch this space for updates . . .