A picture paints a thousand words . . .

I’ve worked with some wonderful photographers over the last few years. Many of whom have kindly allowed me to show their beautiful work on this site and where possible I like to give a link back to their sites. Although most of the shots I have show the flowers I provided for the weddings, I can vouch for the fact that the people involved come out pretty good too!

So if you are looking for a good, reliable, creative, fun photographer to capture the best day of your life, to start with, check this lot out . . . 


Amber and Jon, April 2011 by Anna Rosell taken at One Whitehall Place






James and Yuki, July 2011 by Michael Moody at St Mary’s Paddington






Josephine and Rupert, July 2010 by Wild Weddings photography at One Whitehall Place

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Katharine and Nic, May 2010 by Peachey Photography at The Larder






Nina and Ranan, July 2010 by Tara Lee at One Whitehall Place






Lisa and Julian, October 2008 by Nikole Ramsay at The Orangery