Focus on Photographers

When a couple decide to get married, they encounter a whole host of people, many of whom are essential to making their special day . . . well, special! So I’m delighted to announce that I’m starting a new spotlight feature on different aspects of the wedding industry which will hopefully help to guide you through this busy and confusing time

Each week there will be an interview with someone I think is good at their job, can help you with your wedding and is basically a good person to have around


First up is top wedding and people photographer . . . Fiona Kelly, who can be a wonderfully calming influence on a nervous bride or tongue-tied groom, loves working with natural light and getting to know her clients well enough to allow them to relax in her company, which means she gets brilliant shots and you get a set of great memories





When did you start in this business and what did you do before?

I have been involved in photography for many years in different ways but my first wedding as a paid professional was in 2009. It was a turnaround moment. Before I threw myself into the world of weddings I had worked as a graphic designer and photographic art director for 13 years (read more)