Let them eat cake . . .

Next up in our spotlight series we have cake . . . sorry we have a cake designer extraordinaire

Choosing what sort of cake to eat is difficult enough but having to choose what you should have at your wedding and how it should look, well, that is almost impossible – which is why it is essential to have an experienced, professional, truly artistic designer on hand to guide you through the ruffles, petals, ribbons, gilding and tassels – all of which are possible adornments on your unique wedding cake

So I am delighted to introduce to you, the extraordinarily gifted Ceri from Olofson Design. I met Ceri at a photographic shoot and thinking there would be plenty of great stuff to eat once we had finished, I was very excited about the prospect but when I saw how beautiful the cakes were, I couldn’t bear to tuck in!!

When did you start in this business and what did you do before?

Olofson Design was founded in earnest during the latter part of 2011, after several years teaching myself cake decorating techniques and working out what kind of cake decorating made me tick. I realised very quickly that novelty cakes and children’s celebrations just didn’t get my creative juices flowing, so it became apparent that bespoke wedding cakes offered me far more (read more)