Lights, camera . . . . action!!

Running a wedding must be a bit like directing a block buster movie. There are so many different things to get in place at the right time – rings, food, drink – oh and people!

Well next up in our Spotlight series is a lady who is well versed in getting things in the right place – I’ve worked with her several times and it is always a pleasure and a laugh. Please raise a glass to . . . Wedding Planner, Andri Benson from Always Andri


When did you start in this business and what did you do before?

Following my degree in Theatre Design from the Nottingham Trent University I went to do a post-grad at drama school, where I met my husband. After three years freelancing as a theatre designer I went on to work at the BBC Costume Store as a costumier where I ran the uniform and bridal wear department (read more)