Spring is here … somewhere!

Its that time of year when we start thinking of summer holidays, long evenings sipping wine out in the garden and lazy days off work. Well we would be doing that if the weather wasn’t so damn cold all the time!

Thank goodness wedding season has started as this will keep us good and warm as we rush around to all our Brides and Grooms, visiting old venues and checking out new ones, working on proposals and gathering up photographs from weddings that we’ve completed

It is this area that I’ve been rather remiss on recently. We were so busy at the end of last year and going into early 2013 that there was just no time to update the website with wedding photos from both recent and old weddings

So for now I’m going to add a few just to keep you interested and PROMISE that I will get this whole shebang website thingey up to date as soon as possible, pretty promise!

Okay that’s all for now folks! I’ll add some detail to each shot very soon along with information on each wedding. We have a very busy year ahead so plan to have a lot more to show over the coming months …

A BIG group thanks to any photographers who have shots included in this little round up – don’t worry I will be doing a proper link to their sites in due course so you can check them out