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I am very excited to announce that I’m going to be running some floral workshops over the next month or so. There is a fab bakery/tea shop near me in West Hampstead, called Bake-a-Boo and the lovely lady who runs it, Zoe, has kindly opened her doors to a number of creative types who want to pass on some skills

So as well as our floral workshops, details of which to follow soon, there will be short courses on jewellery making, 50s make up and lots of other fun stuff


I’ve been looking back over the past year and realised just how busy we were with weddings, events and parties

We worked  on over 20 weddings alone in 2009, which was way up on the previous year and I can only assume that the couples had made their plans the previous year before the ‘downturn’ kicked in and figured ‘we might as well go for it and have a party to remember!’

In terms of style and colours, there was a great variety but the predominant look was ivory and orange! To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of citrus colours; whether it was the prevailing gloomy atmosphere or perhaps I’m softening in in old age, but they actually turned out very well


Looking forward to 2010, there is already a colour trend starting. Last weekend saw our first wedding of the season and it was a mix of beautiful purples, lilacs and plums with Anemones, Freesia, Roses and Veronica in silver vases and candelabra throughout. And I can tell you that so far, this colour scheme is going to be a strong favourite this year

There are so many wonderful flowers in this group – purple and plum Anemones, lilac Freesia and Roses, exotic Vanda Orchids in graphic purple and lilac tones plus the amazing large headed purple Hydrangea later in the season

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