A simple day in the life of a florist …

So this week at the blueskyflowers’ studio at New Covent Garden Market, we have been working towards a busy weekend … three weddings, two corporate functions and a magazine photo shoot… but thankfully no funerals

With my trusty team around me, it was just amazing the amount of work we managed complete and be very pleased with in the end … Three very different brides, three very different looks and a whole lot of fabulously fragrant and fantastically fresh flowers

I’m going to wait for the pro shots of all the weddings but I just wanted to mention and give a big thanks in advance to all the wonderful people that helped at my end of the work and also the amazing suppliers we are so pleased to be able to work with from Anna MacDougall at bride&glory, Debbie Diggle at Wedding Wonders, Jen Middlehurst at Kalm Kitchen, Anna and Jamie at Micklefield Hall, Julie Michaelsen Photography, Sarah Williams aka The Flower Bird, Vic Clarke at Foxgloves & Glory, the team at 170 Queensgate and The George in Rye and the other suppliers that I don’t yet know …

Watch this space for some more updates on this week’s madness …!

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