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This morning, bright and early, I met up with a few of my stable mates within the Designer Flora network at our work studio at New Covent Garden Market to have some floral fun

Designer Flora is a unique collection of artisan florists all over the country who provide an incredible selection and variation of bouquets, floral gifts or even farewell tributes to their clients. Run by the inimitable Bella, who will probably be able to find you a great florist wherever you need to send flowers – no more scrolling through a list of faceless florists in a book any longer

From Cornwall to Glasgow, Swansea to London, the florists are chosen for their flair, creativity and individuality .. this is not your normal relay service, there is no commission paid or taken and you can deal directly with the florist to discuss and determine your needs and requirements

As you can see from these photos, each bouquet is very different, with its own signature style and not a carnation among them!

We took our finished bouquets along to the lovely people at Red Magazine who have supported Designer Flora from day one …and are champions of women in business – thanks guys and enjoy!

So whenever you need to send flowers, do it the Designer Flora way …

Featured today were Myrtle & Smith, Pomp and Petals and The Flower Bird

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