London calling …!!

With all the sun this week, I couldn’t resist a bit of a flashback to a lovely summer wedding at London Zoo this very weekend just two years ago..!

Whenever we are working at the Zoo, I’m always hopeful that one of the giraffes or perhaps a penguin will put a head around the door to see what’s going on … it hasn’t happened yet, but in this wedding, one of our long-necked friends did get in on the act for a close up once the photographer started clicking – I had no idea my buttonholes were so tasty!

Joanna first came to me a few months before her wedding to Becca with some very fixed ideas about what she wanted … very soft, gentle colours and a super-relaxed feel to the whole occasion, and we were very happy to go along with that

These photos from Evelyne and Sue at In the Pink Photography are lovely and really capture the mood and the fun everyone had and show off the excitement the girls felt on their special day

Now that’s what you call jumping for joy! x

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