May the sun shine all day long . . .

Well, it seems the wedding season has started with a vengence.

We installed some beautiful flowers for a wedding yesterday at St James’ Clerkenwell which was, luckily, fantastically cool as the Peonies we were using were very hot, in both colour and temperature! We then went on to The Larder restaurant in St John Street with some vibrant purple and hot pink seasonal flowers – Stock, Roses, Dahlia, Freesia mixed in with some scented herbs set in mirrored silver pots (photos to follow soon).

Today we had two events so our wedding teams went off in different directions – one to the city and St Helen’s on Bishopsgate (photos to follow) and the other to One Whitehall Place.

This wedding was joining a Greek bride with an Italian groom so we had Olive branches, Eucalyptus, pale pink Sposina roses (it apparently means ‘little bride’), Maroussia roses as they were named for Louisa’s grandmother and a bouquet including

Lily of the Valley from my garden because the Mother of the bride had some in her wedding bouquet – it was a real family affair!

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