UKAWP floral workshop

Back in June, during British Flower Week in fact, I was delighted to be able to host a floral workshop with some of the fabulous wedding planners who are part of the UKAWP – a brilliant organisation dedicated to the expert planning of weddings around this country and beyond

Sandy Moretta, Elisabetta Cirulli White, Anna Petterle, Liz Gall and Andri Benson came down to our flower market studio early one morning to try their hands at bouquet making and showed off some serious floralling skills

But first we had a quick tour around New Covent Garden Market, where we are based, which can be an enlightening place for newbies … cold, yes, but the flower is king here and the market boys do what they do best to keep them fresh and in perfect condition. Full of the most amazing flowers and collections of foliage available across London and beyond, they were completely blown away with the variety and selection on offer

We grabbed hot chocolate and croissants (for some bacon sarnies – also king here!) and then looked towards choosing blooms and deciding on their bouquet look, beautifully captured along the way by super talented photographer Kate Nielen

Whilst the ladies all had the same flowers to choose from – British stock, lilac and peonies, soft pink super fragrant roses from The Real Flower Company, delicate spires of larkspur, dark, almost black cornflower and chocolate scented cosmos and a variety of interest foliages … they all chose a different combination and mix which meant that none of the bouquets looked like any other. They were as unique as the service offered by each planner and as individual as the brides for whom they work (sorry, shameless plug for planners everywhere!)

Although I did a little demo and explanation of how to select your hero flowers and supporting floral cast, the ladies needed very little in the way of encouragement and quickly set to gathering up their goodies and creating their own version of floral heaven

In fact, they were so quick and engaged with the whole process that we decided to continue and moved on to making buttonholes to complement their creations – an important skill for planners to master and have on hand when faced with a groom and an unfortunate case of the sat-upon buttonhole… believe me it happens more than you would think!

I think the ladies had a fab time and I certainly know where to go when short of capable hands on a big wedding now … so if you need a wedding florist, I hope we can help, but should you need more than that, I think you can do no better than engage one of the lovely wedding planners who are part of UKAWP… they can hold your hand through the planning process and then hold your train as you prepare to go down the aisle x

Kate Nielen Photography -74

Photography by Kate Nielen

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