A busy weekend!

Last weekend saw the teams working on a couple of events – firstly the bi-annual Wedding Fair at One Whitehall Place where we met some new brides planning their days as far afield as 2012 and caught up with some brides getting married this winter to finalise some last minute details

If you are looking to get married in the next couple of years and want a stunning venue in the middle of Westminster, you could may find there are some dates available at One Whitehall Place. Check it out!

Then we were off to the Victoria Park Plaza in Victoria (where else would it be, I hear you holler!) for Kerry and Ilan’s wedding reception. Following the ceremony at St John’s Wood ‘Shul in the Wood’, the guests trooped down to Victoria for a fabulous reception in the hotel ballroom

Chosen theme was ‘a country wedding brought up to town’. Kerry’s bouquet featured Green Fashion Roses, white Anenome with a hint of pink at the edges, pale green Lisianthus, chocolate-scented Cosmos (yes, really!), Chincherinchee and black Viburnum berries loosely gathered together and tied with a chocolate brown ribbon

We then had tall clear vases filled with towering branches of twisted willow hung with crystal drops and Singapore Orchids

For the low displays, we wrapped palm bark around wide glass vases and filled them with a mix of herbs, Roses, Love in a Mist, Cosmos, Chincherinchee with berried ivy and Leucadendron foliage to create a very loose, just gathered feel

We set up an escort card table in the reception lobby with a carpet of lush green bun moss on which to display the guests’ name cards

With some very interesting effects provided by lighting supremos Fishers, the room looked amazing and apparently ticked all the boxes with the bride and her family!

We will have some more photos of the synagogue soon which will be added here to complete the story

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