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Another fabulous photographer who I’ve been honoured to work with many times is Fiona Kelly. She is fun, bright and great to have around …. oh and takes brilliant photos!

When did you start in this business and what did you do before? 

I have been involved in photography for many years in different ways but my first wedding as a paid professional was in 2009. It was a turnaround moment

Before I threw myself into the world of weddings I had worked as a graphic designer and photographic art director for 13 years, a job that involved me organising and directing photo shoots for top fashion, lifestyle and interiors brands all over the world

It meant I was the person behind the photographer putting together the creative vision, but my desire was to do more than just direct. It wasn’t enough anymore, I wanted to take the photos. The experience gained doing that has proved to be more useful than I ever imagined when it comes to shooting weddings


In 2008 I got married in Las Vegas, amongst a small group of friends and family. It was this amazing day, and our honeymoon road trip round California that really pushed my photography love affair to the next level

I have always thought that life is to be experienced fully and every challenge, no matter how scary, to be met with excitement at what might be round that first corner. It was this rather crazy attitude that finally pushed me into making photography a career and I am so glad of it. There’s never a dull day, no work day is the same and I love meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people who welcome me into their lives for their most special day. So that’s a little about me. I’m creative, independent, easy going and possibly the most organised person you will ever meet and I love people


How would you describe your style?

My shooting style is relaxed, candid and modern. I take inspiration from my fashion and lifestyle background and love photos that capture something of the person or people in them

I love natural light and shooting in a way that really conveys the moment and all the details of the day. There is so much thought that goes in to a wedding day, the decisions, the details and most importantly the people. All of those are captured as they are on the day. My couples get a real moment in time, a memory to have for years to come


What is your favourite flower?

There are so many flowers that I love for many reasons, unfortunately I’m a bit useless at remembering their names! I’ll always have a soft spot for gerberas as they were in my own wedding bouquet, along with eucalyptus (I know it isn’t a flower but I really love it!). I like tulips for their shape and colour variety and another favourite is ranunculas – a name I only learned this week!


What sort of information do you like to know when meeting with a prospective client for the first time?

I like to get to know a bit about the couple as much as about their plans or wedding thoughts so far. It’s lovely to find out how they met and how they got engaged as well as where their venue is and what their plans are for the day. All the specific details can be worked out as time goes on so there no rush to get it all set in stone at the first meeting


How many weddings do you handle per year and would you do more than one per weekend?

At the moment I cover somewhere between 20-30 weddings in a year – this is a nice amount that gives plenty of time for the work involved in each. Each wedding is so much more than just the day. I like to spend the time getting to know each couple so all full day packages include a complimentary engagement shoot as well as a venue visit or meet up to catch up on plans. I do occasionally shoot two weddings on a weekend, or a Friday and then a Saturday and in that case I always give myself a Monday off to catch up!


Do you have a fixed price for shooting/albums/discs or can you tailor the package for each client?

My package options are very simple and very flexible. I am always happy to tailor packages to each couple as every wedding is unique. However I have a starting point full day package that tends to work pretty well for most. I offer albums, frames and other ways of showing off the wedding photos separately. This is mainly because I offer quite a variety of options so each couple can tailor that part of the package to exactly what they want, and if they don’t want an album there’s no problem


Is there anyone in the wedding industry that you particular respect or admire or have been influenced by?

There are so many amazing people working in the wedding industry it’s almost impossible to not admire or be influenced. I often look to the US for their wedding photography style and ideas – they are a little ahead of us in trends and looks so it’s a great way to get inspired


What is the most fun part of your job?

Photographing a wedding is so much fun generally but without a doubt getting to know the couple, their family and friends and to be so involved in their day is the icing on the cake. I particularly love photographing the preparations as there is so much excitement, nerves and anticipation


What is the most important part of your job?

I feel getting to know the couple and what makes them who they are is an essential part of my job. My aim is to photograph their wedding in a way that really reflects them as a couple and captures their style and personality. This way not only do I give the couple photos they love that really reflects their wedding, but they feel comfy and relaxed with me around as we have taken the time to get to know each other a bit


What makes you laugh?

My little boy makes me laugh like nothing else, normally exactly when I shouldn’t be laughing! 



So if you are still looking for a photographer for your wedding, engagement, baby or family photos, check out Fiona’s site and have a look at her wonderful work . . . a true professional with a lens of gold and a heart to match x






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