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Let it snow!!!

What can I say, last week's wedding was amazing! A new venue for me to work at, the lovely Northbrook Park in Farnham and also a new to me photographer, James Fear, who managed to wrangle the wedding party and guests through a freezing cold day and got them to participate in the most extraordinary way... these are James' images and I have to say, if you are looking for a wedding photographer with a different outlook, book your wedding around his calender, you won't be disappointed!

Cassia was the most amazing bride to work with, focussed (if a little acquisitive of ideal flower photos!) and determined to get the look she wanted with everything... and I think she did it!

The Vine Room at NP looked beautiful, bathed in the reflected white snow light through the massive windows and it was used for both the ceremony and reception, meaning a quick turn around and reset for the caterers... the ever game Caper and Berry.... and us! But it was so worth it

Anyway enough wittering from me.... here are those images!

The look on her face says it all.... Eek this is it!!!

We used the table centres along the aisle first with loads of candles and lanterns and then moved them to long tables with masses of blush and taupe dinner candles and tealights. It looked amazing!

Then James took them outside to play in the snow!!

This is what a wedding day should look like... not necessrily the snow but these faces of pure joy and love - and the snow was fun x

But this wedding was also all about family and friends being there and sharing in that joy...

From the special readings to the personalised caricature of each and every guest on the table plan (yep everyone and they actually looked like them!) to the Krispy Kreme tower and bespoke bride and groom logo...and looked fabulous!

Cassia and Guy - you rocked this wedding!! x

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