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A small wedding is still a wedding...

Yes, I hear you say, but will it be the same...? In this climate with fewer people allowed to attend both ceremony and reception, no it won't be the same but having now worked on and provided flowers for a variety of small weddings this summer, I can tell you that they can be very special indeed

Some of my couples who have decided to carry on and actually get the marrying bit done this year on their original scheduled date, have pared everything thing back to just personal flowers and are planning on the big bash for 2021... and bring it on I say, we are really going to need a lot of parties on the other side!

So I thought I'd do a little round up of some venues offering special intimate or small wedding packages so show what they include and an idea of pricing

First up, a beautiful little wedding held in the Roux at the Landau restaurant at The Langham Hotel in Central London. For a while H&G had thought about postponing to next year but then decided that they just couldn't wait any longer to be married, and H had a Phillipa Lepley dress that needed to be worn!

So they asked Louise Perry, wedding planner extraordinaire, to pull this together in just a matter of weeks. These photos by Rachel are just stunning and show so well how wonderful a group of small tables for just 30 people in a beautiful setting can look so special

There were beautiful place names based on a love of Shakespeare, elegant colour co-ordinated candles from Ester & Erik and, of course, the prettiest bowls of flowers full of fragrance and made with love

Details such as changing up the spec of the linen - this is from the Urbane range at Just 4 Linen - adding in table name holders, glass candlesticks and beautiful candles can elevate even a few tables to another level and make sure those chosen guests feel honoured to be part of your day

When we get back to larger weddings, you can always return to your first venue for a full on party!! Check out this Ballroom!

For details of the packages that The Langham has, please email x

Photography - Rachel Takes Pictures

Wedding Planner - Louise Perry Weddings

Venue - Roux at the Landau at The Langham

HMA - Unveiluk

Linen - Just 4 Linen

Candles - Ester & Erik via Mad Lilies at Home


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