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Get Crafty...

Ever year, I have so many people who come to my wreath workshops and say they've been before, several times, and although they are perfectly capable of making a wreath on their own, they like the companionship and fun of making them in a group


This year, unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will be able to get together in quite the same way, so I have put together some wreath making kits complete with instructions showing you just how to make one yourself

Why not order a few and get together with friends on Zoom and create a virtual workshop, complete with wine and nibbles?

Check out the Shop page to order your wreath kit now and enjoy x


If you don't have the time, and Lord knows, we are all juggling madly at the moment but would still like something for your door, then I am making bespoke wreaths to order... at the moment they are only available in a generic style with a mix of seasonal foliage, berries, thistles, cones, grasses and twiggly bits but will look fabulous adorning any door

At the moment I can deliver to North West London but soon will be able to send pretty much anywhere so if you are wanting something further afield, please email me or use the main contact form

Costs are standard wreath £65 posted or luxury wreath £95 posted


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