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Golden Brown... the Stranglers would say, but I'm talking leaves, baby, not skin!

The leaves are coming down, slowly but give then a kick from the wind and they will tumble... which means it is time for wreath making

I still find it difficult to talk about Christmas until early November but I know I need to get some dates out there for all you keen wreathers and returners... next post people! All I know is we will probably have fewer people at each one but they will be as much fun, I can guarantee

So check out the shop page to book your wreath places, October 13th 10-12 or October 14th 10-12 at my workshop M12 New Covent Garden Market

We will be well spread out, masked if you wish, with sanitiser at the ready. I will provide scissor and aprons for use on the day if you would like but please feel free to bring your own

I am already gathering together some gorgeous pieces, autumnal leaves, berries, pods, seed heads, dried bits and pieces, cones, teasels, bunny tails and weasels... the last one was just to check you are paying attention, no weasels will be used this year!

See you soon xx


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