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Up close and personal with...

Ashley...Pale Press London

When did you start in this business and what did you do before?

I started Pale Press London in late 2016. I’d worked across a few different industries before and nothing had ever felt quite right

In the years leading up to me starting my business, I worked in digital advertising but it was sales and numbers based and I desperately wanted to do something creative. A few friends of mine were getting married and asked me to help with things like signage as I’d always had nice handwriting

This inspired me to start learning modern calligraphy and Pale Press London grew from that

How would you describe your style or are you influenced by the client’s desire/theme?

I would describe my style as contemporary and clean but eclectic. I like to keep evolving whilst maintaining the brand as recognisably mine. Typically, I ask a client to send any inspiration images as a starting point. If they’ve got to the point of enquiring with me, then they’ll know my work and hopefully their desired aesthetic will fit nicely with my style. Having said that, it’s definitely a collaborative process and every client I’ve ever worked with has likely shaped and influenced my work in one way or another

Where do you get inspiration for your designs and is there a current trend?

I find a lot of inspiration from interior design and nature. I love certain textures, especially those found in ceramics as well as muted tones and colours that I think are reflected in my work. I have a house full of plants and they give me inspiration for illustrations (I've seen your Instagram feed too and you are clearly influenced by architecture and the wider outdoors, Liz)

I think there is something for everyone out there. Some trends will work for one bride and not for another. I think the thing that must always remain consistent is using quality materials and considered design (whatever trend that design may fall into!)

What is your favourite flower?

I really love ranunculus. David Austen roses and Icelandic poppies are also up there

What sort of information do you need to know when meeting with a prospective client for the first time?

Initially, it’ll be mostly logistical things such as the wedding date, the items they’re in need of, quantities and any print preferences or additional embellishments. After that, we’ll discuss the design route along with any inspirational mood boards they might have

Do you have fixed prices for your work or is each package tailored to the client?

Each package is tailored to the client as all of my work is bespoke. I’m very close to launching six semi bespoke collections that I hope will encapsulate my style and allow me to reach a wider audience and client base

What sort of lead time do you need when taking on a project?

This can really depend on my workload at the time, how big the job is and how many edits the client might make. Sometimes I can turnaround an invitation design in one week and other times it might take a month or two. I also have to take into consideration the timescales of different printing methods

For letterpress and foil, the lead time is longer. The more time we have the better so I’d recommend couples getting in touch a few months prior to wanting to send out their invitations. I work on a lot of events and these typically have a short timeline which I always try to accommodate

You can obviously supply more than one wedding package per weekend but is there a limit on your time across a year/season?

As I’m a stationer, it’s very rare that I need to be at the wedding on the day. If I allow enough time and schedule everything accordingly, I can usually fit most people in. Summer is obviously the busiest time for on the day wedding stationery so I always consider that when taking on new clients, and work a few extra nights per week during that period!!

What is the most fun part of your job?

Working with wonderful planners, brands like Hers and Estée Lauder and most importantly; my couples

Managing my own time

Creating without any restrictions

What is the most important part of your job?

Delivering something the client truly loves

What makes you laugh?

My mum and the brother and sister from Gogglebox (Yep definitely with you on the Gogglebox front!)

I have always loved Ashley's work and find it utterly timeless and perfect and her hand drawn calligraphy is second to none x

Here's a link to a styled shoot that Ashley supplied some beautiful pieces for at Chateau de la Ruche featured on French Wedding Style


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