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Up close and personal with...

Eva photographer

When did you start in this business and what did you do before?

After graduating from UCL I started to work in banking and payment services. Initially I very much enjoyed working in the corporate world, the fast pace, the training and learning, the travel, the bonuses etc., however as time went by, I felt more and more disillusioned by it

I longed to do something more creative, personal and meaningful with my life. When I become a mother, the time felt right to make the change and I started Eva Tarnok Photography in 2012

How would you describe your style?

I believe in the beauty of simplicity and I would describe my style as natural and timeless

I am also very much a romantic at heart and love to capture intimate and emotive moments in a subtle and beautiful way (and you do it so well Liz)

What is your favourite flower?

This is a really hard question as I love so many for different reasons!

My top ones would be: lavender, as I use lavender oil on a daily basis; hyacinth, as it reminds me of my grandmother’s garden and the time I spent there; peonies, they are just so feminine and beautiful and orchids & geranium - I have many of these in my house as they are such easy and grateful plants!

What sort of information do you need to know when meeting with a prospective client for the first time?

Firstly, I like to find out about their ideas and the vision they have for their big day. I love to hear about all the details and also about the supplier team they are entrusting to make this into reality. For me, it is also crucial to find out if we are a good match and if we ‘click’. For the type of intimate and romantic images I love to take, it is crucial that the couple feels relaxed and comfortable with me and meeting in person will give a good sense for all parties (that is so true, and I think it is often underestimated by many couples. Liz)

How many weddings do you handle per year and would you/could you do more than one per weekend?

My average is about 10 weddings per year, and I would never do more than one wedding on a weekend. I pride myself on an exceptional customer service and experience and I want all my couples to feel that they are the only one in my diary

Do you have fixed prices for shooting/albums/discs or can you tailor the package for each client?

I have standard wedding packages, however I always tailor these for my clients’ exact needs and requirements. Every couple is different, and I am always happy to create a bespoke package just for them

Do you offer your clients something more unique than the traditional album?

I offer a range of printed products, like canvas, framed prints, fine art prints and photographic prints; however the majority of my clients choose to have a traditional wedding album. I partnered with Yorkshire-based company Folio Albums to offer beautiful, luxury photo albums. Throughout the years I have tried and tested many album suppliers, but Folio simply and clearly stands out; their albums are a pure work of art!

Is there anyone in the wedding industry that you particular respect or admire or have been influenced by – photographer or other?

There are a lot of people who I admire: Jasmin Star, the photographer turned marketing guru, D'Arcy Benincosa, again a photographer and marketing ninja, Nova Reid from Nu Bride for raising awareness and educating the industry about diversity and inclusion and Mwai Yeboah a wonderful wedding planner friend with incredible visions, passion and all around force for good

What is the most fun part of your job?

For me, the most fun part is when I pick up my camera and get lost in the scene in front of me. I get into my flow and I capture the moments unfolding in front of me. This gives me a buzz like nothing else can

What is the most important part of your job?

Communicating effectively with my clients. Everyone is unique and different, and for me one of the most important aspects of my job is to understand exactly what my client is looking for, what is important for them, what are their fears and worries. Understanding and managing customer expectation is something I brought with me from my corporate background and I have made it the cornerstone of my personal business as well

What makes you laugh?

Usually my crazy kids do. Every day

Eva is a very calm, easy going photographer and having worked with her on many occasions, i can vouch for the fact that she doesn't get flustered or rushed! x


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