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A Forgotten Love Story

Long lost love letters, organic romantic florals and a heritage venue.... what else sums up true love...?

From Stylist Amy at The Timeless Stylist: "A woman was clearing the belongings of her much loved grandmother, who had passed away recently at the grand age of 97. The woman had loved listening to her grandmother’s tales of her life and how she had met her grandfather at 16 and fallen instantly in love. She knew that they had 2 glorious years together in love before her great-grandfather was called to duty for WW2

During those years they had lived in a little village called Ellingham, where they spent as much time as they could outside exploring, walking around beautiful Somerley Estate and going on bicycle rides to the beach for picnics and ice cream. When the Grandfather knew the war was inevitable, he proposed to his beloved and they had the most beautiful and happy day with their loved ones. Sadly, the grandfather died fighting in the war in 1943, however not before celebrating the birth of their beautiful daughter. The Grandmother would get so sad talking about these times, that the Granddaughter would often change the subject

Whilst searching through belongings in her Grandmother’s dusty loft, she was so ecstatic to stumble upon a pile of love letters from her Grandfather to her Grandmother during their few but very special years together, along with special memorabilia from the time. Today we are depicting our version of the love story in beautiful Somerley House, and how we envision it would look today."

Our team brought together gorgeous dresses, shoes, suits, jewellery, cakes, tableware, linens and silk ribbons into the stunning surroundings of the beautiful Somerley Estate to bring this story to life

Somerley Estate - Camilla Arnhold

If you are looking for a wedding venue for 2020 or 2021, take a look at the elegant Somerley Estate... I hope this editorial has inspired you in some way whether via the location, the tablesetting, the flowers or even the dress... x

Photography Camilla Arnhold

Stylist Amy at The Timeless Stylist

Hair and Make up Mari Chase

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